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Did you know?

Average Dairy Cow gives 2,00,000 glasses of milk during her lifetime.

Did you know?

A glass of milk provides protein Calcium Vitamins.

Did you know?

Milk is a super drink as it is great for our bodies and minds.

Go Cream Products

Fresh Cream

Made from pure cow’s milk

Made from fresh and pure Cow’s milk cream Dairy based Fresh cream can be used at home and it is extremely creamier with rich taste compared to commonly available vegetable fat based creams The product has 25% fat and is used for both cooking and as a topping and stored in dry place due to UHT processing and Tetra pack packaging Available in two convenient pack 200 ml & 1000 Ml No preservative added The TG for this would be B2B customer as well as the evolved SEC A consumer.


200ml and 1ltr UHT Bricks

Shelf Life

120 days when stored in cool and dry place ( After Opeining Consume Withing 4 Days)

Storage Conditions