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Taste About Gowardhan Dairy

Did you know?

There are more than 2000 varieties of cheese available worldwide.

Did you know?

People of Greece are the largest consumers of cheese worldwide.

Did you know?

Cheese such as mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss and American, help prevent tooth decay.

Gowardhan Powder

Gowardhan Skimmed Milk Powder

It is Sweet in taste

Obtained from spray dried non- fat milk, Free flowing, Meets ADP extra grade specification. Ideal for tea and coffee

Gowardhan Milkrich Instant Dairy Whitener

It is Smooth, Fresh & Creamy Rich in Taste

Milkrich Instant Dairy Whitner is specially made from cow's milk In the house of Gowardhan that is instantly chilled and processed to give you that consistently fresh and creamy rich taste. Enrich your tea or coffee, cup after cup.


Available in 16g,32g,500g, 1Kg Jar, 10kg and Bag 2